About Joseph Sanchez, SGM, Retired, U.S. ARMY

Joseph Sanchez

I am a Disabled Veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces having served over 31+ years.

As a VA Claim Agent for the Florida Department Of Veterans Affairs, and a Disabled Veteran Outreach Specialist for the State of Florida.

I will use my skills, knowledge, and abilities to get you the benefits you deserve. I will never give you the fight!

Over 31+ year experience in obtaining Veterans benefits and entitlements. Whether you need assistance with an VA Appeal, Increase Compensation, or Re-opening a closed claim.

I have successfully assisted hundreds of Veterans with successfully obtaining the benefits they deserve. Over 1,876 claims filed with a high rate of success.

  • Free Veterans Disability Evaluation
  • Appeals, Increases & Reopen claims
  • 100% Individual Unemployability
  • Special Monthly Compensation claims
  • Agent Orange claims
  • Support of claims
  • How to write up "Secondary conditions"
  • Death and Indemnity Claims
  • Get Service Treatment Records
  • Duty to assist letters
  • Correction of military records
  • Military Discharge Upgrades
  • Camp Lejeune drinking water
  • Hardship waviers
  • All follow-ups
  • Education Benefits
  • VA Home Loan
  • ChampVA Health Care
  • VA Life Insurance
  • All State Benefits-Explained
  • More.

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    We provide information about veterans' benefits including what they are and who can qualify. Only individuals who are accredited attorneys, accredited agents, or accredited service officers can be involved in the preparation, presentation, or prosecution of a claim. Continue Reading...